* Only the seller and buyer are parties to the contract and make decisions
* Consider TODAY’S MARKET (yesterday’s is history, tomorrow’s a dream)

* Communicate 100% through me as your agent
* Offers are generally a starting point for negotiation: goal = 2 parties + 1 set of WRITTEN TERMS AND CONDITIONS

* All contracts in British Columbia must be in writing (NEVER VERBAL)

* All changes to the contract are to be initialed by all parties

* Keep communication private and try not to take negotiations personally; neither party should
   discuss the details of the offer with others until the contract is FIRM

* Any offer may be verbally revoked BEFORE WRITTEN ACCEPTANCE

* 3 choices for an offer: ACCEPTANCE, REJECTION, COUNTER OFFER

* Price is not always the most important point: consider completion and possession dates as
   well as other terms and conditions

* The property will be marketed actively until all terms and conditions are satisfied

* Be decisive…there may be a build up of emotional pressure over time… so rely on your
   intuition and my objectivity and experience

* I believe in negotiating STRONG ENFORCEABLE CONTRACTS…i.e. better to challenge
   “shaky efforts” now than to risk waiting until completion

* As your agent I represent your interests at all times

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